more art....


So occasionally while I'm drawing in a bar before going to the drawing group, I find that people hold some very intimate and relatively private conversations. Other times, it's their actions that speak louder than words. Take for instance a couple that was at a bar on a Thursday afternoon, sloshing back beers, putting quarters in the jukebox, and even necking each other. All the while surrounded by people less savvy and not as well off. I seriously doubt any couple in a would hang out at a bar, in a pizza dive. Particularly a joint that is well off the main avenue of popular traffic, unless, you guessed it. So then I started to ponder the background story of this couple, the woman (an RN and still in her scrubs) and this guy, some kind of local salesmen (still had a beeper connected to his belt). My first guess, is he sells medical equipment. Interesting set up, my intuition tells me it's a relationship doomed from the start. I'm not passing judgment on their character, but if anything, it was an observation of a snapshot infidelity. And it's that kind of minute slice of life that makes a plot for a story.