So, it’s anudda one...


Not feeling too well today, stomach bug I guess. So, I've been think about this story, and so far, I have to say, creating the rough draft and then just drawing randomly in no sequential order has been so far really fun. These panels, are in a sense roughs, but I'm curious to see what kind of transformation that they will take. I'm already itching to try another style, but for this short story, this faux charcoal works fine. I may even be tempted to try the real stuff in the future. I'm always amazed at how varied it can be based on the hardness of the charcoal. Well, my eyes are tired and the Corona is taking it's effect to get me drowsy. The drawing group is tomorrow and it's the 3 hour pose, Painting TIME! I want to bring oils, but due to my Jeep being dead, it's not a good idea to get paint smeared on the wife's car seats. So that leaves charcoal or the wacom and g4. I still need to pick out a good pulp detective novel, so fire away if you have one. And for those considering an awesome read, I'd suggest "Bangkok 8" or the sequel, "Bangkok Tattoo", both are great reads. Sex, violence and of course a very colorful and grimy underground.