Latest Digital Paintings with Procreate

I have to say that with creating new brushes using Procreate has allowed me to bring my digital painting closer in line with my traditional oil painting. All of the standard brushes are nice, but going beyond those and customizing and creating new brushes has really allowed my work to evolve in new and exciting ways. That said, I am happy to say that my new digital paintings will be available to purchase very soon. Below are a few that I hope you will enjoy with some time-lapse videos to see the a little into the creative process.

My first digital portrait of Heather using my new newsprint brush I created to use in Procreate.
A digital portrait painting using Procreate with custom brushes.


Doug Clarke is an award winning Plein Air and Studio painter based out of Virginia Beach. He works in oils creating plein air and studio paintings.

Graduating with Honors and Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University, Doug's work has evolved from commercial to fine art.  As an active member of the Norfolk Drawing Group, the painter strives for excellence in his figure drawings and paintings.  His commitment to life drawing and painting led him outdoors to paint "en plein air".  There he realized his passion for capturing light and nature in his own personal way.

Doug has been commissioned to paint both Harborfest and Neptune Festival posters for 2014.  Awards include 1st place awards for Plein Air 757,  Williamsburg Plein Air and the Plein Air Mount Lebanon quick draw competitions, as well as a three time winner of the Historic Fort Monroe Plein Air Exhibition.  His paintings are collected far and abroad internationally.  Doug’s work is currently represented by Harbor Gallery and the Ellen Moore Gallery.

In pursuit of mastering his craft, he has participates in local and national plein air events

When painting outdoors, Doug is very passionate about capturing the vanishing landscapes of Southeastern Virginia.

How to be ready to go out and paint plein air at a moments notice.

How to be ready to go out and paint plein air at a moments notice.

Ever been out painting and forgotten to bring your brushes or paints? Leaving home without the critical gear to paint can be challenging or even disastrous. With the right preparations, you can be ready to paint at any given moment you want without the fear of leaving gear behind. 

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Emily: 40min vine charcoal

Emily: 40min vine charcoal, originally uploaded by Liquidmethod.



Imperial Gallery Plein Air 11x14 oil on Masonite 2 hours

Alexis #2

Alexis #2, originally uploaded by Liquidmethod.



Alexis 20 min #1

Alexis 20 min #1, originally uploaded by Liquidmethod.



New wave painting study, work in progress: oil on masonite 9x12"


One of my best portraits yet from drawing group! Anna : 3hr Pose : Oil on Canvas : 9x12"

3hr pose in progress... Model, Anna

"PHELAN BUILDING" Oil on Masonite 9x12" SOLD!

San Francisco street study in progress- oil on board

Art Dump 4 - 40 min Study for a San Francisco CityScape - Work in Progress

Off to start on another Night Train painting!

As I started this, I felt I had got a good composition down, despite this being only 8x10 inches. I can't wait to throw down some colors on this. Masonite gessoed, Paynes Grey wash. I wish the Norfolk Southern railway ran all the way through the beach like it used to when I was a kid.

My Afternoon Sketch

My Afternoon Sketch, originally uploaded by Liquidmethod.

So I'm trying my hand at using charcoal on newsprint to do some building studies. Moleskines are awesome, but it was a nice day and I was up for a 25 min challenge. Buildings are tough. But the cop was really cool, so I added him into the scene. I'm looking forward to nicer days when drawing this big will be really nice. The wind was the trickiest part. Next time I'll bring tape and a board. MacArthur Memorial, Norfolk, Va.