New Painting, “The Bar Menu” 18x24 oil on panel

Hello friends,

If you were in the path of Hurricane Dorian, I hope that you have fared well against The storm. It seems that every time a huge hurricane looms near the mid Atlantic, life and work seems to be put on hold while anticipating it’s trajectory. That said, I have been working on some new paintings and fleshing out new ideas for future paintings to be hopefully featured in my solo show this coming November. This week, a half completed painting that was put on hold for about a year was finally realized. Those feel really good when they are finished, I was talking to a good friend about the fear one faces when venturing into new territory and how our peers will react. Peer pressure is real and with social media it can be crippling. Worrying about how others will react and say is ever present and echoes the questions and doubts in our heads. If you are a creative person too, I hope that you can overcome the background chatter of negativity to produce your best work. I feel really good about this one and hope you do too. Thanks for following me on my own journey and I wish you well this week. 

Additionally, I had just finished posting this and then listened to Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about his perspective of his favorite painting, specifically “Starry Night” by Van Gogh. It felt very validating to hear one of our generation’s greatest minds discuss the value of art and how important it is that artist convey their feelings through paintings. Not to merely render exactly what they see, but to interpret a resonance from within.

The Bar Menu 18x24 oil on Panel

The Bar Menu 18x24 oil on Panel


Doug Clarke is an award winning Plein Air and Studio painter based out of Virginia Beach. He works in oils creating plein air and studio paintings.

Graduating with Honors and Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University, Doug's work has evolved from commercial to fine art.  As an active member of the Norfolk Drawing Group, the painter strives for excellence in his figure drawings and paintings.  His commitment to life drawing and painting led him outdoors to paint "en plein air".  There he realized his passion for capturing light and nature in his own personal way.

Doug has been commissioned to paint both Harborfest and Neptune Festival posters for 2014.  Awards include 1st place awards for Plein Air 757,  Williamsburg Plein Air and the Plein Air Mount Lebanon quick draw competitions, as well as a three time winner of the Historic Fort Monroe Plein Air Exhibition.  His paintings are collected far and abroad internationally.  Doug’s work is currently represented by Harbor Gallery and the Ellen Moore Gallery.

In pursuit of mastering his craft, he has participates in local and national plein air events

When painting outdoors, Doug is very passionate about capturing the vanishing landscapes of Southeastern Virginia.