Welcome! So you want to improve your painting skills? I am here for you to help grow your as an artist! Whether you are looking to improve your drawing, proportions, color, contrast or values. Need to loosen up your brush work? Or maybe you want to be more accurate when rendering your subjects. Want to improve your figure drawing skills or plein air painting? I can help you. I know what it is like to hit developmental road blocks with your art and wanting to push past those barriers. I am here to develop your ability and make you a better painter and your own artistic voice. If you are looking to jump into oil painting, I can help you improve your painting and drawing skills. I like to be patient with my students and want them to feel secure when it comes to trying new techniques to painting. Everyone learns at their own pace and I will listen to your goals and where you want to progress in your painting. Once I’ve gotten your input, I develop a personal curriculum customized for you to follow to meet you goals.

My lessons run $75 per hour a la carte. But if you pay for 4 up front I charge $70 per hour. I use Skype to teach my lessons (video and sound quality have proven to be the best). Both are totally free and very easy to set up. All you need is a decent Internet connection (a strong connection is preferred for best quality) and a computer with a camera. Payments are made via Paypal.

I ask that students select the "friends and family" option when sending their payment so that extra fees don't get charged to myself. If you don't want to send to "friends and family" I ask that you please add $5 to your lesson payment for covering fees. Lessons are once a week, but can be spread out further if needed. I live on the East Coast and my current teaching hours are Monday-Thursday 9pm-11pm Eastern Standard Time. Occasionally, I have availability during the daytime and can teach a few sessions during the day, but those days change from week to week.

I understand that things come up from time to time and making a lesson is just not possible. Life happens and I know all too well as a husband and father of two. I ask of my students, if at all possible, to give me 48 hours notice to cancel and reschedule. In giving me 48 hours notice, I am able to possibly fill that slot with another student or coordinate something else going on in my life with the free time. I give each of my students 1 free pass if they cancel 24 hours or less before the lesson, or just don't show. Life can throw us a curveball every now and again. However, if you don't courteously cancel our session after the first free pass, I have to charge you for the missed lesson. This has never happened yet and I doubt it will. My main goal at the end of the day is to connect you with your passion and help you develop your artistic voice.

If you have any questions about learning from me, I would love to hear from you!



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