Hobbling into the New Year fresh from surgery!

A new year, a new outlook! I’m starting the new year recovering from foot surgery. It’s been a painful long two years of walking and standing. It sucks, but I am looking forward to moving forward to getting better and moving on with my work. What happened to my foot? Well, the short story is I had plantar fasciitis. I managed in pain for a year spending a lots of money of specialized shoes, inserts, boots, splints etc before I got a cortisone shot. Things got better, or so they seemed. After slowly building incorporating excercise back into my life, I started to notice that pain started to evolve on the top and side of my foot. THREE DOCTORS LATER, various X-rays, CAT Scan and an MRI, I was told that I had three torn tendons. It would require surgery and I now here I am, recuperating during the holidays not being able to drive and limited hobbling around. The good news is I and recovering and I am looking forward to running and being a dad who can play with his kids at the beach. My buddies Mark and Mike were super awesome to help bring me to last nights Norfolk Drawing Group for painting night. It felt good to be out of the house! First painting of 2019. “Anastasia” 12x16 oil on canvas.