My latestest painting working with a limited palette, "Beach Trotting" 18x24 oil on canvas.

I’ve really been enjoying using just the prime colors of Blue Ultramarine, Alizarine Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Light and Permalba White. In using this, I find that I have don’t have to rely on using a mother color or mud to help harmonize the colors used in the painting. However, the real challenge is to get reds to really pop as I would get using a Cadmium Red. I’ve also noticed when needing a dap of yellow when mixing darker tones, if I use too much yellow, the results are muddy and I have to start over. It also means I rely heavily on white throughout all my lighter tones of color. Either way, I am having a lot of fun painting with this limited color scheme. It will be interesting how my nocturne paintings comes out using this as well. Stay tuned!