With everything else going on, I managed to eek out a painting for the Randy Higbee 6 Squared Exhibition, and got it in.  I was stressed to get the paint to dry before sending it off.  That is one of the short comings of oil is dry time, but most of the times, I'm not on a shipping deadline.  It really does make me wonder how Lyendecker and Rockwell made the Saturday Evening Post deadlines with the shipping of the work.  I've heard of horror stories of other artists trying to get their oils to dry in time, but craziest one is when an artist (Whom will remain nameless), tried putting his oil painting in the oven at a low temperature.  I wrote to him after reading about it and he was quick to say it was a BAD, BAD, BAD IDEA!  So, the only real solution I've read and have been told by illustrators is Crystal Clear by Krylon.  I did this to some of my paintings back when I was illustrating, but quickly gave up on it because of the nasty smell it leaves behind for a few days.  Surprisingly, I haven't noticed any change of color to the paintings I still have from over 10 years ago.  Conservators will say it is not good to do this, and I agree.  Better to let it dry naturally and then add varnish after the appropriate time.