Spent a lot of time painting this weekend. Friday night, I was back at the Naro painting a nocturnal plein air. This time for the Jerry's Artarama Plein Air contest. I got out late and started painting around 11pm and didn't finish till after 2 am. I met some cool people, handed out all my business cards. Bernard came by to film me a little before heading home after his own nocturnal plein air adventure. And despite being outside, the amount of smoke and alcohol eeking out of the surrounding bars was strong. Norfolk still knows how to party, I guess. Saturday was tough, I slept hard but managed to get out to the Norfolk Academy Art Exhibit, (I'll have to enter that next year). Sunday got me going to paint out around 1pm, (later than I wanted to). Although there were just as many people walking about, something about quiet sunny days that keep people from approaching. Honestly, I felt almost invisible at times. Until I met Larry, who gave me a glimpse of what it is like to have no one understand you or even try. I feel for folks like Larry. A few artists stopped by to ask about my Easy-L Versa easel and see how my painting was coming along. In all, it was a good day. Then it got better when my friend Kevin told me my Naro painting won a $100.00 at Jerry's. I'll burn through that in a week, I'm sure. Last, but not least, I'll address the fantasy that every business card you give out will be kept and cherished in somebody's purse or wallet. Nice thought. Now take a look at the last picture at the bottom. Yup, that's my card. A friend took a pic of it in the hallway of her apt. building after she found it. Only a few hours old and it was already soaked in beer & cigarettes, laying stranded on the floor.