I have to say one of the best feelings is having the whole day to yourself to just go out and find something to paint. Monday, when I left the house, I had no idea where I was going. After I stopped for gas, I had an idea. Wasn't sure if I'd get in the base of Ft. Story at Cape Henry, but it was worth a shot. With all the gear I have, getting into a military complex and explaining that I'm there to paint isn't exactly heard of in this area. But after the long wait of my fruitless search on a proof of insurance, the front gate guards skipped inspecting the yellow bus and let me in! It was cold, and I mean COLD. My hands were the half frozen just setting up. Which was my first mistake, as I should have warmed them up before painting. It was pretty barren of people, with the exception of the lighthouse keepers, a van load of tourists and a nice MP who was nice enough to radio the other MPs of what I was doing with a weird box on a tripod. No one hassled me and I made off with a nice painting. Yeah, lighthouses are by some trite and cliché, but so what? I'm out to paint and have fun! Who cares about the armchair art critic? Today is another adventure to find another scene worth painting.