"Cheatin' Heart" Oil on Board 16x12" pulp fiction art for upcoming group show!

Had to go back and do another pulp art piece for a group show that's coming up. I had a lot of fun on this one! Enough fun to stay up till 4am to finish. All the plein air work I've been doing lately has definitely helped me and allowed me to be a little more looser. While this isn't as loose as I would have hoped, I feel it's a good progression towards that. Annie was my model for this one, as was my last pulp painting. I decided not to try to get an exact likeness and go for the feel. It really helped me to not overwork the face with detail. I showed an early process work to her and she approved, whew! Thanks to my friend Walt who was gracious enough to loan me use of his kitchen and to procure his Jack Daniels as a prop.