New Site Host & Design

In an effort to make putting new art and stuff online easy, I've moved my site to SquareSpace. I have say it was extremely easy to design. So easy I moved my Dad's website over and he is even blogging now! I can't say enough about how great I like Squarespace's features, especially now I can edit my site on any computer with a net connection. Of course there are limitations for some. That said, for an artist like me who wants to focus on making art and less time trying to figure code, plugins, etc. this is great! Wordpress is a great solution for a lot of people, it was for me for quite some time. Now though, I think Squarespace is a great fit, and in the next coming weeks looks to see more art being posted in the coming weeks here! For those looking to buy prints, I will have something here on the site available to see inmore detail. Last but not least, the prints I'll be offering soon here online will be really exceptional in quality. Keep tabs as it will be appearing soon!