Johnsons BBQ

So my wife, who does not like pork, came home and told me about a great place for BBQ pork. Her family had just eaten there for lunch. The fact that she can be picky about pork piqued my interest. Especially when she mentioned they had a won a slew of BBQ trophies. I had to eat there as one of my fav BBQ places, Beach Bully, had dropped quality and taste. I found the place off of South Military in Chesapeake, just before Battlefield Blvd. So I'll start off with this place looks like a dive, but in a good way. The kind of southern BBQ place in a small town, in po dunkville USA. As you walk in, you immediately become aware of the trophies to your right, a long line of them. To my wife's delight they had set aside my son's sunglasses that he had left behind, waiting for us on the counter. I order up the large BBQ sandwich and a side of beans. On the table I saw there was various hot sauces & peppers to choose from. The habanero sauce looked like winner to me. So let's get to the BBQ! My sandwich was aweome. I'm a NC BBQ person with the vinegar style, but the pork was juicy, tender and yet had the char everyone loves. The sauce was good, but the meat was exceptional. It's hard to dress up BBQ bake beans, but they were tasty! My only complaint was I should ordered 2 sandwiches instead. I'm looking forward to another excuse to head down that way.