Miniature Digital Landscape 219x146px

Miniature Digital Landscape, originally uploaded by Liquidmethod.

Just so you know, you are not going blind. There is nothing going

wrong with the picture above. I decided to paint small to really

focus on color. I'm really having fun working on my large landscape,

but I really needed to take a small break so that I can come back to

it refreshed. I took a great photo today and wanted to try a very

small digital painting with it. There is more to discover with color

than just drawing. It's another exercise than drawing in the

Moleskines with an ink pen. This is a picture of a field today after

a storm and the sky and landscape was just screaming with color. I

know now why some plein air artists paint in the late afternoon or

earlier morning. I had a friend ask me why I paint like this

sometimes on my computer, well, it's so I don't get lost in the

details. For me, it's been a long time to learn not to dive into

details, but I'm slowly learning to restrain myself.