So, here I am without a decent camera to shoot my work, but I feel the need to impart my current thoughts about the state of my progress. I have one of those online art mag interviews I was filling out. As I began to write, I realized that I had more to say than what the question had asked. The first one was referring to life drawing or photos. I think both have their purpose. Though it is clear to anyone who is in pursuit of finer drawing skills and has weathered many life drawing classes and countless public sketchings into various Moleskines, notepads and the like. Drawing from life is necessary for proper growth and understanding. To learn from photos alone leaves you with half the knowledge or less to really draw confidently. While my art classes in public school were geared towards crafts, I sought refuge in learning to draw from photos. It wasn't till I got a job as a caricature artist did I get a glimpse of what it might be like to actually practice life drawing. Though this hardly was accurate drawing it did give me a glimpse of what was possible. The thing is, drawing that way constantly skews your approach to realism. After swearing off caricatures, I jumped into college level drawing classes where I began drawing from life in earnest. Though I must say, I still lacked so much knowledge and apptitude. While in college I played with various media and techniques, I still spent more time looking for a style than actually drawing intensely. I did draw a lot, but it was unfocused most of the time. So in short this rambling is to get those that might rely on pictures more than they want, get out there and draw from life. Join a figure drawing class or group. Sketch constantly, and draw intensely. After all drawing is supposed to be difficult. There is no such thing as talent, just lots of hard work. I personally believe that gained experience becomes your talent! That is the gift of being an artist! Ok, my little rant is over, g'nite!