First Day of Norfolk Plein Air Paint Out

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I have to say, this was really fun, even though I only got half a
day. Train yards and those areas seems have more interesting people.
I'm not sure any of the other artists painting today were in my
locale, probably not. A lot of people that past by wanted to stop and
look to make sure I was actually painting. One guy in particular past
by several times and then stopped and told me that everyone in the
alley thought I was a cop. I guess that makes sense, because nobody
in their right mind would come and stop on the side of the road to
paint train tracks. Particularly in this section of Norfolk. Well,
this show is going to see a different side of Norfolk from me.
Besides, someone's got to balance out a show with industrial
landscapes, right? Oh, and this is my first ever on scene plein air
painting. Not too shabby of a start, but I still need to tweak it some.