I'll be painting Norfolk Thursday & Friday!

So at the very last minute, I decided to throw my hat into the "Out &

About" Norfolk Plein Air Artist painting event. "What is Plein Air?",

you say? It's when artists go outside and paint what ever happens to

be standing in front of them. I hope I can find a good spot to get a

Norfolk Southern train or something to that aspect. May try to see if

I can get something else in that represents Norfolk's seedy side.

Doumar's is a possibility, but that will have to be at night, which

may prove to be a challenge. Hopefully the weather will be ok, mostly

that the rain stays away. So, after I have hung around and hopefully

painted something of worth, it will be for sale on Saturday. I can

only sell two at the event, but I hope to paint more than that, but

we'll see.