More shots from the SoCal trip!

At the outside of Billy Shire Fine Arts GallerySeconds before a rough landing.PasedenaYes, Chuckie was REAL!!Japanese superstore.Japanese Sake?Night time on the LA expresswayJust a odd shot

Well, I thought I would post up some more shots that I took while in SoCal. Nothing special, just some shots that I liked. The first one is from the front of the Billy Shire Fine Art Gallery. The inside is like a who's who of the low brow art movement, really. Besides Glenn Barr's show there. I saw a lot of Dave Cooper's work, plus work from Owen Smith, Mark Ryden, Robert Williams in there. Amazing! Maybe one day me and the little man will have a group show together there. The next photo is just seconds before one of the roughest landings I've ever had. Cool shot from freeway, although we didn't make Pasadena. Chuckie was REAL. A little midget dressed up. People on Hollywood Blvd thought he was a mannequin. He scared the living shit of a lot of people on the street. Chuckie just froze, and waited till someone looked a little closer and BAM!! Chuckie came at them with a rubber knife! Pics from a Japanese superstore. Shot taken from the LA Express Freeway and a random shot of California.