Midnight Riding

Bike Route

Tonight, I went riding. I haven't really taken a long ride since last summer. Although the front gear shifter was dead, I managed to log about 12 miles, not really anything to write about. It's fun though to ride at night, and in my humble opinion, safer. I've got the bike lit up like a Christmas tree and I stick to sidewalks on busy roads till I get to my old neighborhood "WW". If you've lived in my hood, you know what it means. It was about 85 degrees out tonight, but it felt good when your moving. My bike is an old Caloi that my best friend bought, but never really put to use, so it's like on a permanent loan to me, till I stop using it. It's hard to believe the bike is 13 years old. The front tire is still there, but it's gonna get replaced this summer. A new bike would be nice, but then I'd have to watch it more carefully. This bike is so worn, I can leave it in front of the worst 7-11 and it's not gonna disappear. I may head on a route southward next time. That's what's so great about biking, you can just pick a direction and just ride.