Tonight's figure drawing...

JACgestures2.jpg JACgestures1.1.jpg JAC6-10.jpg JAC6-10-2.jpg JAC6-10-3.jpg JAC6-10-7.jpg JAC6-10-6.jpg JAC6-10-5.jpg JAC6-10-4.jpg

Now, I KNOW some will read this and say, "it ain't art cuz it's digital!". Maybe so, but I had an ok night, and my "digital drawings" came out half way decent considering I had to keep getting up to adjust the volume of the music, through out the night. It was a small group afterwards that hung out at a place that has now been stricken down as a future venue of choice for another sketchcrawl. I hope the cook chokes on the garlic bread and gets gored by a deer driving home. Yep, folks, the humus and garlic bread was really nothing but a mirage... we were eating a salt lick. YUK!