Finally, another art panel!

Finally, another art panel!, originally uploaded by Liquidmethod.

While it's not exactly the way I envisioned it in my head, I'm digging

it. I think I have only a few more panels before I start putting this

thing together. I found that one of my favorite artists from Japan

has had another book published. I managed to read it last week, find

it for yourself, google "Yoshihiro Tatsumi". This is full of gritty,

grimy sordid tales from Japan's 50's and 60's. Very interesting that

it takes on some rather hard hitting subjects. He does not sugar coat

his stories, some of them are quite stunning, and others are just

shocking. Single handedly creating this Japan Noir genre in which the

characters are sublime, morally corrupt and disturbed, his work is not

typical of your everyday "Manga". In fact, he himself is very distant

from the mainstream japanese comics, which is probably in my view a

good thing.