The G4 is Back and I'm Drawing!


Well, I’m back to drawing again, the accountant has released my computer and it’s ok for me to be creative. Thanks to all who were concerned that I had been kidnapped and subdued by the IRS, alas, this year looks to be ok, I don’t have to send any ’pera’ there way. That’s a nice feeling knowing you don’t owe. It’s like a boulder being lifted off of your back. So, now that I’m back on track, I hope to be a little more productive. If you have never seen this flick, I would say it’s one worthy of watching. Akria Kurosawa’s "The Quiet Duel". Shot in a beautiful black & white with lots of high contrast, the plot is about a doctor who must struggle within himself to keep from hurting the person he loves most. It’s a lot of psycho-drama, but in a lot of ways it’s sophisticated enough that even today it is still relevant. As a fan of Kurosawa’s, his ability to tell stories in the simplest of form with no effects or creative editing, is almost without equal. His cinematography is still at a level that most of today’s current director’s could only hope to match. And to boot, the movie poster is one of my all time favs.

The Quiet Duel

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