Well, I hate to say it, but tonight, the tax man kept me from drawing. I’m hoping that I can post from my phone. My laptop has been confiscated by my accountant so that they can see what’s on it to feed to the IRS. I dunno about you, but the mere mention of that name gives me shivers. I’m told that you are guilty until proven innocent when it comes down to any dispute between uncle sam and you. So say what you will about sticking it to the man, I’m not trying to test them waters! I went to the library to check out some "Nero Wolfe" books, nada. The author wrote more than 50 stories, and the library had zilch. Amazing! Not one Nero Wolfe, but a slew of crappy art books and other odds and ends. I have been looking for new stuff lately art and literature wise, and I've come up with very little lately that has really stoked me. Speaking of stoked, I now have a confirmed date for a local newspaper cover and interview on me, April 21st "Link" will hit stands! Well, thumbs are tired, not much of a text messenger person. Hell, I don’t even know if this will post... Hopefully I can reclaim my G4 back tomorrow! G’Night!

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