I'm so Lame...

I don't have anything to share with you guys tonight.  It would be nice to say I painted a good piece only to have my dog chew it or the computer died.  But it neither of those happened.  I did  get to experience what it's like to set up a Dell computer again.  I'm glad it's not mine and I won't be working on it.  I did survive and getting running!  I'm happy with my g4 thank you.  So, that said, some things that are coming up:  First, this friday is the Art Talk Panel Discussion, it will be interesting to say the least.  I'm more excited to hear what others have to contribute than figuring out what I might have to add to it.  Also stay tuned for the Monday 21st issue of LINK, you might see my work on the cover.  I'll be featured in a month long cover expose with three other very talented artists such as BERK, Stuntkid and my N.D.G. homie, Devon.  Check them all out this month if you can.  Well, that's it, I'm all tapped out and it's only 1am!

"Last Chance to see Renewal

Friday, April 18th 7pm - Come enjoy the artists of Renewal as Symphonic hosts a panel
discussion about the themes of renewal, creation and resurrection as displayed in the
amazing works of art hanging in the Warehouse. The panelists for our discussion:

Hannah Serrano - Arts and Culture Editor, Portfolio Weekly
Doug Clarke - Renewal contributing artist, co-leader Norfolk Drawing Group
DavMo -Renewal contributing artist and first place winner
Robb Overholt - pastor, teacher, fashion icon, all around good guy
Cherie Roe - a real piece of art (who you may recognize from the live art installation at the opening)

Questions will be put to the panel first and then opened up for discussion
to the audience. We will also have a brief time for the audience to Q&A the
panel. It is a sequel you don't want to miss!

Just a reminder, art pickup dates are:
Sunday, April 29, 1-4pm and Tuesday, May 1, 6-9pm
However, you may remove your work this Friday night, after the Art Talk, if it is more convenient. If you need to make special arrangements, please contact casey@symphonicforthecity.com. Thanks!"