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Photoshop vs. Painter SundayReaderStudy 2.jpg

Well, the first was an additional study between Photoshop and Painter. I dig Painter a lot, but that said, there are some things that don't jive that well. First and foremost is the Artist Oils brush. I haven't fully tested it out, but the brush doesn't have a lot of variation, so it looks very similar on each stroke. It takes an effort to resize the brush and angle to get the variation needed. The other is a five minute study of a dude reading his paper, he quickly got up and split just as I started to add color. Fortunately a dude of similiar nature sat down to at least get another two minutes. I don't think it made a difference. It was a crappy study. On other news, I'm gonna miss my Figure Drawing Group! But it can't be avoided. Well, folks, I have a long day ahead, I need to get some sleep, so I'm splitting outta here and grabbing my Nero Wolfe book. Only on page 6 and I'm diggin it!

Nero Wolfe History