Art, Roaches and Shows....


So your late night art blogger actually got some more work done. I'm sure these don't make sense, but hang in there! Also, I finally got my book, "Fer De Lance" the first in the series of Nero Wolfe. I did a wiki pedia and was blown away that the author wrote over 70 novels. Unlike Ian Flemming, these books are thicker, so it will be YEARS before I finish them all. I'm stoked if they are as good as I hear. On other news, I got sacked by a pyramid scheme phone call, usually I can stop them before they go into their speal, but this dude used someone else to get me on the phone. I swear, those dudes are like roaches! On show front, I may have two group shows this spring to show work. Both of them, I'll be involved in the promotion process, so I hope this turns out to be good learning experience. It's late, time to hit the sack. G'night!