Girl in Room Tres [ Take Two ]

GirlInRoomTres take 2So I'm at it again, although, I have no clear cut direction.  I want to work out different takes before going to Masonite.  Yup, I'm illustrating on masonite with this one.  I've already primed it with gesso and hoping to lay paint down in the next day or two.  Compositionally, I have to work out some details.  I'll hint that there is some self pressure going on with this, but that's all I'm saying.  Tuesday night is coming again, I'm hoping to get my lazy but to remember to bring my sketch pad and graphite pencils and markers.  I'm hoping to break the digital trend I have going on lately.  But nothing is guaranteed, and I'm ever the procrastinator when it comes to bringing my gear to the group session. 

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