Renewal Art Show in Norfolk



Well, the Renewal Art Show at the Warehouse was a real success! It was nice to see art and artists from all kinds of genres and styles. Most of all the art was a nice change from the more "Upscale Couch Art" that seems to be prevalent in this area's conservative community. I can tell you, that this crowd was far from being snooty and aloof, everyone seemed to really dig everyone else. There was a deep appreciation for everyones style and work. The show ranged from advanced to novices, and that was something in itself. To me, it said that this community is growing and advancing to make this area a more established art scene. Amen! The Norfolk Drawing Group was there in force, after which we headed over to Felini's to grab some grub. Quotes of the night had to be, "...and she hit you in the nuts with a sack of puppies!" and the more subtle, "You're a cancer like me!".
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