Another Pair of Panels


Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, the panels I’m posting are illustrating some kind of story here. I’ve got something already written, however, the panels posted are in no particular order. I’m trying to approach this with a fresh perspective and not over think the whole process. The goal? Draw enough panels and place them into some kind of order that hopefully will mirror the story. The issue that can arise, is that I end up with a bunch of panel art that does not fit nor make sense sequentially. However, it’s the only way I can work without making my process laboriously unfun. If you are a longtime reader, you’ll notice I like to post process, even the train wrecks and dead end art. To me, what’s the point of creating art if viewers can’t see some sort of struggle, progression and resolve? A finished piece of art without any insight or visual hints to a artistic progression can be quite boring. I think this is why the sequential art and graphic novels I read have a rough and unique style behind them.