Babae sa Kuwarto Númeró Tres

Well, except for the name of the publication it's done. I hope. Now I can move on the other things. Such as a poster for another group show that I'm working on. Yes Rob, I know you were gonna say something if I didn't mention it. Ok, so there it is. Hope you guys enjoyed the process, I'll post if and when it gets published. Also, if you are reading this and you happen interested, I'm on the search for people that would be great subjects for some upcoming pieces. I don't want to specify exactly what I'm looking for because in fact while I have concentrated on a certain angle of culture, I'm looking to expand and diversify my subject matter. Mostly I'm looking for females, but I am open to the dudes, especially if you have a distinct look. Wish I could expand further, but I'd rather leave it open and see what opportunities it may present.