Guache Study and a long rant about Eddie Vedder plus my cousin the drunk.

Dive into Guache

Well, I found my guache, and realized I should buy more. That's it. Nothing more. Did I mention that I suck at drawing people sometimes? Yeah, well I do. Eddie Vedder looks like he has suffered a horrible lip injection cosmetic nightmare. Maybe if he saw this, I'd get a call from his lawyers threatening liable, slander and defamation of character. Truth is, Eddie I had a terrible stomach ache and drawing and painting you was therapy to keep my mind off of the pain. So there, sue away, you'll look like a dirtbag in the gossip column. Wait, no, it will be me looking like a talentless hack who couldn't even correctly illustrate one of his favorite singer song writers. Did I mention that if next Friday is a sketch crawl here in Norfolk? Yeah, the MEDIA might be there, or not. You never know, they might bail if OJ murders someone else and is deemed more newsworthy than our group's self excuse to "drink and draw" get together. Good thing it's not illegal to do so, but after looking at the above art, you might be inclined to think I was under the influence when I gave Eddie a fat lip. I've been unlucky to have been submitted to a sobriety test by the Five-O. Do you know what the messed up part is? I wasn't even drunk! I hadn't even had one sip of alcohol! I was picking up my inebriated cousin and driving HIM home so he wouldn't kill someone. It really wouldn't have been so bad, except while the cop was giving me the test, my cousin was jeering and telling me not to mess up. Final thought, Eddie if you are reading this, I promise next time I paint you, not to draw you looking like a cosmetic nightmare gone wrong. In turn, I expect not to hear from your lawyers, k?

Did I mention next Friday at 7pm, starting at Cogan's our sketchcrawl will begin?