Bettie Page Counter Culture Revolutionary Passes

Bettie Page

As an artist who draws women, I couldn't pass one posting about Bettie's passing.  After reading more about her, I became fascinated about how she stood fast in spite of all the harassment from the FBI.  America secretly adored her, but in the 50's the public let the pin up queen face scrutiny for her sexuality.  She proved that women can be sexy and still be individuals.  Bettie was independent and yet like all of us, had her own imperfections.  Marilyn Monroe may have been America's sweetheart, but Bettie put a spot light on the Nation's lust and secret sexual desires that were repressed from years of political conservatism.  If I wasn't so swamped with work, I'd take some time out to make a quick sketch of Bettie.

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