Cadillac Girl on iTunes!

Well, I finally pulled the trigger and let it loose online! My short pulp graphic novel, "Cadillac Girl" is available as a free download on my site and now, iTunes. Yes, I said iTunes! To my knowledge, no one, not even the big publishers have even thought to publish their graphic novels and comicbooks online as "podcast PDF". It's something that I knew would be cool to have as a great way for people to stay up to date with the future short graphic novels I'm going to be working on. I hope that this outlet and my first release, "Cadillac Girl" becomes a catalyst for making new fans of my work. I'd like to thank everyone for their input, feedback and encouragement. I really hope you enjoy the story and consider it worthy of passing it on to your friends.

"Cadillac Girl" is a pulp fiction graphic novel written and illustrated by Liquidmethod. A film noir style plot that has seduction, deceit and murder.
Check it out here on my blog: /blog/ and on iTunes: or just do a search on iTunes for "Liquidmethod", you'll find it under podcasts.