Thanks for Serving...

World War II Poster  

I recently got to meet with a war vet, and I wish I had been in the position to tell him how much I appreciated his service to our country. We get to live in a great country and politics aside, it's men and women who serve our country day in and day out that help make that possible for us. I'm not going all political on the war, but I just wanted to say if you are a service member or have served and are reading this, "THANK YOU!". There are a lot of great people sacrificing their time and lives to make sure we live in the kind of country that has endless opportunities. It's easy to take this for granted and I hope that we, as a country, do better to make sure that our vets are taken care of when they come back home and are given the respect they deserve. I came across this poster awhile ago and even today it has a lot of relevance. Another friend of mine is on his way to become a nurse. He won a VA scholarship and he plans to be a nurse for the VA hospital after he graduates. I'm sure he will get the chance to help out some really great people after graduation. Good luck with nursing program, Jim!