Gizmo the Pet Portrait


I'm not a pet artist, but I think I'm off to a decent start.  Which is more positive than the start I had a the figure drawing group.  We had a great model, the new place is awesome.  I just really F$%ked it up.  What happened you ask?  Well, without getting into too much detail, I started off with the wrong basecoat for skin.  Because, every other color I tried to use became MUD.  The painting ended up a complete and utter shitastrophy.  I'm over it, at least I can sleep knowing I only wasted a piece of primered wood instead of a good canvas.  In other news, it looks like the first fridays road trip to Richmond is off to an awesome start.  Rob and Bernard are on board, possibly even Mark, that is if he can take care of other immediate needs before hand.  Hopefully Holly can meet up along with Deborah.  I'm personally jonzing for Bottoms Up Pizza, and I'm willing to be the driver for Mark's van if I have to.  Though I wouldn't mind driving up and have someone else drive down so I can enjoy a couple of Corona's with the fine Shockoe Bottoms Pizza.  In other news, I may be one step closer to putting together two local art shows.  More on that later.