Norfolk Figure Drawing Lives On.


The JAC is gone, but the drawing group lives on, we are now at the moment at GROW.  Hopefully in the next coming weeks, we can find  a permanent home.  I'm just out right tired, I need to get a full nights sleep.  So I'll keep this short.  Tomorrow, if possible, I will try to be more productive and post it.  I'm particularly proud of the last one, because the face quickly became a train wreck, but I think I salvaged it to a decent head study.  Not bad to resurrect a mess within 15 minutes.  There is another figure drawing class on Saturday mornings, but from what I've heard, it's a pretty dry session, and the music is monopolized by Yanni, Don Ho and Enya.  Like what ever floats your boat, but I'd stab my ears if I had to listen to that shit every session.  Which, I'm told is exactly what is played every Saturday.  On second thought, I'll pass on that group.