First Friday Art Walk in Richmond, VA

ART CARD SWAG 2nd best pizza in the whole wide world, Rob and Holly agree. Hardcore Punk Band Rob sneaks a pic before security finds out. I think this photography has been to jail before. Maybe more than once. The mini show Empty Stage Man on fire Mr. Fire dances to the beat. Holly has forgiven Rob. I wonder if I will run into any VCU peeps?  Jewelle immediately comes into view. Heaven awaits under the train tracks. The Jam Band Mr. Robertson gets no love here. Santana album covers on acid. You might not want to try this at home, but I do.

Rob and I headed up to Richmond, two hours late, but just in time to dodge tunnel traffic. Our timing worked out perfect and we got there just as the shows on Broad Street really kicked into gear. We parked near the "Ritz" where I lived in college, and it was cool to see my parallel parking skills were still in good form. Aside from the college day flashbacks, Richmond has a great feel when it comes to nightlife. Broad St. has seen a major revitalization, but still keeps it's edgyness. Something that Granby St. here in Norfolk missed out on. One of the galleries had an interesting conversation between a patron and the artist.

Patron: "What I like most is that this is a radical departure from your other stuff."
Artist: "Yeah, I know. I used some brown in this one."
Patron: "Yeah, it shows maturity. Your getting brave now."
Artist: "Thanks"

Quote of the night: "Please stop taking shitty pictures!"

The night was cool, but it felt good to come out after being squeezed like a sardine inside the buildings to see all the artwork. Best gallery of the night wasn't an artist, but a photographer who had some brilliant pictures of an abandon jail cell and gas chamber. Chilling but very well shot.