Figure Drawing Shannon

NorfolkDrawing2-Shannon.jpg NorfolkDrawing3-Shannon.jpg Michael Stipe Cont. 3

Well, tonight's figure drawing was lame for me, I just couldn't get going. Maybe it was the fact I am behind the ball in getting some new work done? Whatever the case was, I was off tonight way more than I was on. Other than my lame consistancy, tonight's drawing was good. Mark showed up, so did Walt, and even Jesse. Rob, if you are reading this, you missed out, Shannon was an awesome model. Bernard may have found a permanent place for the Figure Drawing Group to relocate to. We'll both try to check out the place tomorrow. Looks like I may have the chance to collaborate with a well known art director. Hopefully it will be fun. Saw an old classmate from VCU! You can check her work at: Ruby . Gem was sick and couldn't come to tonight's session, but in other plans, we may organize an artist bar crawl with our sketchbooks and moleskines. Devon, will be the designated driver, Mark will be offering his van to transport us. Next week, Tuesday is the group show at Red Tavern. I am hoping to whip out one or two new things. Will post the promo-poster tomorrow night. Also, I think I may have lucked out and laid claim to one of Bernard Conda's best figure drawing sketches. Years from now, it will be worth millions.