P-Town Art Scene

The Commodore Theatre Nicole Wichman and fellow artist Nicole Wichman's work Police Bagpipers Creepy Christmas Doll It's not even Thanksgiving yet! X-mas display X-mas display The bean eating horse gets no love. VAC winners Did someone call me?VAC Faculty Exhibit VAC Faculty Exhibit  

So last night I went to P-town to see the VAC Faculty art show.  My friend Mark was showing there, and be damned I couldn't remember his girlfriend's name.  It's Pamela, I hope I don't forget again.  Speaking of forgetting, I should have taken a photo of them as well.  After they split, I lurked around and found some other artist galleries.  One artist in particular I was impressed with, Nicole Wichman.  She has some good stuff.  I invited her to join us at the drawing group, which is still looking for a home.  I hope this art scene continues to grow, it is looking really promising.  Although, this area is cheap.  I've seen other artists live in areas like mine, stick it out for a couple of years to see if the scene pans out, but in the end, they leave to go to the big cities.  I like big cities, for a visit.  But living there is something else.  Did I say I have group show the 27th?  Yeah, time to shut up and get drawing.