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Noah Wins a PosterAIGA PictionariesAIGA PictionariesAIGA Pictionaries

Well, I didn't get much drawing done, especially not anything worth showing. It was fun, I did meet some new peeps, Noah won a poster. I got chastised by my team because I kept drawing even after they got the answer. Of all the words a guy like me could pick, I ended up with "Brush". Easy, yeah I know, but I was hoping to get something a little more challenging so I could have an excuse to draw. Luckily for my team, I wasn't given much opportunities. If I learned anything tonight, it's that I'm not the guy you want on your team to draw, because I will focus more on what I'm drawing than what you are saying. So in the end, I got an easy word, my team got it right, and I'm not the self indulgent jerk drawing away while his team is losing. I couldn't help but notice that Noah and Anthony did the same thing as me and couldn't help but finish their sketch after their team got the right answer for the word. It's an artist thing. Speaking of which, I heard that mountain man and his free carefree ways earned a new nickname after his session last Tuesday, Liz had him coined as "Mr. Nakey". Well, next Tuesday the group will have a new model, a female this time. It's kinda of a loaner from the Saturday figure drawing group. I hear they have really good models.