The Mountain Man Cometh


Ok, so the Mountain Man came, and we drew.  I was kind of out of it and it took most of the session to get out of my funk.  Of course the Wacom driver for my tablet was acting up, but I managed to wrangle a little bit of use out of it.  I'm glad it's fixed now.  That said, the drawing group was sparse.  Not sure why, but I think most people are uncomfortable having a big hairy mountain man standing stark naked in front of them.  I got over this during college.  People are people, and as long as they stay still and don't stink or fart, it's all good.  I'm there to draw, period.  If I want to draw a beautiful woman, I've got easy access to that, (the benefits of being married!).  For those out there that have hang ups drawing dudes, get over it.  You'll never grow as an artist if you don't draw everything you see, even naked mountain men.  Tomorrow, I'm going to head over to waterside to do this AIGA pictionary thing, though I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed.  I really don't want to draw quick little doodles to get someone to say the right word to win a game.  Might be more fun to draw them playing the game or the people there to get smashed on 2 dollar drafts.  Maybe no one will recognize me and I can draw incognito.  Besides, I feel there's more of a disconnect between myself as an artist and the designers I meet.  Who knows?  Maybe it'll be fun, tomorrow's post will reveal how things panned out.