Michael Stipe R.E.M. Head Study Cont. 2

Stipe in Progress Continued50's Jukebox Hell

So I'm in the SilverDiner, choking down a half cooked burger. I really need a couple of Tums, it's my second cup of water and it's not washing the "garbageburger" down. I should have gotten a salad or soup, but I skipped breakfast. Will be heading over to Norfolk soon, the weather is crappy, which matters cuz free parking is blocks away from the drawing event tonight. I found some really good books online in PDF form, the Andrew Loomis books. Even though they were written long time ago, the process is the same. I highly recommend you google "Andrew Loomis pdf". A link would be provided, but it took some effort just to get them all due to various broken links. Well, tonight is only hours away.