No Candy, No Cookies, No Art. Really.

Beware of the Ninja!
I took the day off. Well kinda. I just don't have anything to blog today of art. I did hang out with some college buddies, ate chinese, (thx Nestor) and discussed music, movies, comics and the extreme need to see a pretty hot chic slam her hand down on a sharp knife. There is this show, phenominom, (sp?). It was entertaining, it a sordid way. I could not believe it for one second. Any interest in magic and illusion was pretty much trashed after watching the show. Illusion and Wrestling have a lot more in common that I previously thought, they are both FAKE and have a lot of BAD ACTING. On a another note, the current book "On the Road", is turning out to be HIGHLY addictive. I can't put it down until usually 2 or 3 in the night. It feels like reading at 75mph, and I'm just getting started. I plan to go to first Fridays in Richmond in two days. Just a quick evening trip to see my old stomping grounds from college, see some new work, and to eat my most favorite pizza in the whole world, second only to Giordanno's in Chicago, Bottom's Up Pizza. I have to thank Gem for ordering it for us during our first semester at VCU. It was a Taco Cheese Pizza. Speaking of producing work, I have to wonder which projects to work on. It is tough sometimes to decide which personal project gets attention. Usually by the time I've decided, a job will come along with a quick deadline and I'm off working late into the evening, and the personal project gets sidelined. Interestingly enough, what the heck has happened to Halloween? I was driving down the streets and hardly saw any kids. I guess peeps my age and older lucked out, because tricko'treating in your neighborhood on a dark cold night knocking on strange doors is a lot more fun that being in a well lit mall getting some cheap store swag. Of course, I'm speaking from experience. The stuff my son gets at the mall is nothing compared to the stuff I got during Halloween. Even if I did get chased, beaten, kicked and spit on by bigger kids trying to steal my candy. I am proud on the fact I wrote, "try" in there. As much as I got my ass beat that night every year, no one got my candy. Well, tomorrow's a new day, and hopefully I can stop moving long enough to post something creative.