The Last JAFFE ART CENTER Figure Drawing Session.

Well, it's all over. It's done. Finished. For JAFFE CENTER. But not for our drawing group, we've got options. This week will be spent weighing them out. You can see all of the final pics of the night on our JAC flickr site. BIG shout out to my peeps at IllusiveMedia and ELM/OAK for their cover in Portfolio and the Radio Spot on NPR! Congrats guys! Also, a quick "You go girl!" to Hannah. In other news, Devon and I made it front and center on the Portrait Party Blog site. Check it HERE!

AWSHUCKS, it's the last JAC Dinner! Devon contemplates his dinner choices Gene says The last trainwreck Devon looks at the devestation on canvas. Are you guys sure this is the last night? I can't believe it's all over! Blue shade Where am I going with the colors? Final pose!