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Underground Artist Article

With everything else going on, I forgot to post this up. It was a while back, but after a lot of nagging and bugging, here it is, I'm finally posting a pic of the article for everyone who missed it. Hannah Serrano wrote the article, and was nice enough to buy me sushi dinner during the interview. I never really considered myself "underground", but then again, I'm not really out there in the spotlight among main stream artist either.  Good to see this area is start to get 'keen' on art that is something other than a seascape or a flower.

I'm getting psyched on what I'm going to be painting next, so I'm tempted to go all balls out on some kind of nudes, or to continue down the path of the nu pulp style. I'm reading "On the Road", and so far it's a very fast paced book that's hard to put down. I'm diggin it even when it's 3:05 am in the morning and I should be asleep. We'll see if the hype on this book continues.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna post the rejected addressed cards I got back. I've been mailing promo cards lately again, but so far, no calls from this recent batch. Where the hell is my instant gratification? Send a card, it would be nice to get a response right? But that's not how the ball rolls in the illustration field. They could have your card for five years or more before they decide to call. Well, the game 4 of the World Series just got close again, time to watch the end of the baseball season. Maybe next year the Cubs will get into a World Series?

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