Berk and Charlie's Gallery Show in Norfolk

The Court YardJesse hanging with Yes, there is life beyond the stars.  Elvis is an ALIEN!BERK layin the scratch!Domo Arigato Mister Roboto! DOMO! DOMO!Charlie gettin low with a ladyMore Cheese...Everyone hanging out.Say Cheese!Just arriving on the sceneOutsideBerk gives stuff outBerk on the MicMC BerkGallery Crowd check out bandArt on the wallzMore ArtWall ArtChar chillin by the artIllusive Media guys chat it upJamminRockin out!the Alien is on the stageStageIMG_0089.JPGIMG_0088.JPGThe Robot ROCKS!IMG_0086.JPGIMG_0085.JPGIMG_0082.JPGVCU IN DA HOUSE!Holly has a message for RobNo, seriously Holly means it.Are you sure you don't want to share?The Tea is tainted.No that's not a patriotic bagel, it's just some cold bacon.The infamous bagel arrivesAre you going to eat that?Norfolk Drawing Group Represent!Hannah, Rob & MeHannah, Rob & Me take 2Mr. Roboto reveals his identity as I think the Robot is on fire!The band behind the robotnightbreeders around the minibarIt's all over.

Well, I have to say the guys at ELM/OAK did a killer job of making a party rock with the art. I didn't get a chance to get stuff in, but it was an incredible night of fun. I showed up and ran into just about everybody in the local art scene. Met some old crew from VCU as well as the Norfolk Drawing Group. Shomi, Warren, Phil, Rob and Char are representing the Illusive Media Inc. Eric Jewel from Close Clothing was there to the lowdown as well. Rob finally showed up, narrowly escaping a chewing out from Hannah, who was in tow with her sister. Sara and Holly dropped in. I was introduced to Jesse by Shomi and Hannah. Kat was there minus Gabe, he had to work the haunted house down at the beach. Night breeders milled about and then the Robot and Alien kicked off the music with a band I wish I could remember the name of. As the music flowed, I swear the Robot caught on fire and revealed his true identity as "KilRoy!". The Alien said nothing but gave out lots of high-fives, I guess he was glad that his spaceship made it to Earth in one piece. People got hungry, and off we went to iHop. This is where service and food sucked, which prompted Shomi to go into "I got chocolate on my brand new leather seat!" frenzy. iHop does not split checks on weekends, a stinkeye from the waitress and a trip to the bank across the street makes it all work out. Morrissey quotes were exchanged while somewhere else Rob and others diverted to the Tap House. Holly locked her keys in her car, but not before finding a highschool buddy. All the while, Hannah and sis discussed the finer points of Ale. I made it home intact. Safe, sober and sound.